Video service

We are proposing to make [Memories that will remain for a long time].

■ Editing service

This is an editing service for videos and photos taken by everyone.

 ✔ Cut the video / photo data into a video of about 10 minutes by cutting, inserting sound, telop, etc.

 ✔ The charge of entrusted package is ¥ 5000.

The entrusted package is currently offered free of charge to customers who have used our trip.

Editing is also possible according to the customer's request. In this case, we will submit a separate quotation.

■ Shooting / editing service
We will accompany you on your trip and will shoot your trip and edit the video.

 ✔ It will take time to discuss shooting before the trip and requests for editing after the trip.

 ✔ The estimated price is about ¥ 50,000 per day. Separately, various expenses related to the movement of the cameraman and accommodation expenses may be incurred, so we will submit a separate quotation upon request.

You can watch the edited sample image on YOUTUBE.