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We will propose a great trip with GoTo Travel.

GoTo Travel aims to recover the lost travel demand and stimulate local tourism-related consumption during travel in order to restart the stagnant Japanese economy, as well as to "safe and secure travel" in the era of Wiz Corona. It is a business that was launched with the aim of popularizing and establishing "style".

○ 35% discount on accommodation and day trips for domestic travel

○ In addition, a regional coupon that can be used at destinations equivalent to 15% of the accommodation / day trip price will be granted.

○ Up to 20,000 yen per person per night (up to 10,000 yen for day trips) ○ No limit on the number of times you can use up to 8 consecutive nights

In order to apply for the discount, there are conditions such as corona infection prevention measures. We will inform you when the plan is sent.

GoTo Travel has a limited number of country assignments. Please apply as soon as possible.

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