Website Terms of Use and Site Policies

To all clients

The KAORU CONCIERGE SERVICE website ( , henceforth referred to as the “website” to match with the below directories as well as each booking, inquiry and application program, and transmission of e-mail) is operated by Travel Agent: KAORU CONCIERGE SERVICE.
Please make it a point to read carefully the terms of use below. Use of this website is considered to be and indication of agreement to these terms of use.
Furthermore, our company may revise these terms of use depending on necessity, and will change them accordingly even without obtaining the consent of the clients.

Our company website does not collect client information through the use of cookies. Furthermore, even though we record access logs to the website, we do not use the information outside of the statistical analysis of hits to the company website, site maintenance, the investigation of causes for unauthorized access and the like.


  1. The copyrights for the text, information, images, photos, images and other works (henceforth generally termed as “content”) provided on our website as well as through our website, belong to our company or the original author or other rightful owners.
  2. Acts such as the reproduction, public transmission, alteration, removal, or posting on the client’s website of content outside the scope of the Copyright Law, the Trademark Act, and other recognized laws without obtaining the permission of our company, the original author or other rightful owners are prohibited under the Copyright Law.


  1. We strive to provide the most accurate information on the content of the services, information, programs, etc., provided by this company, but the accuracy and reliability of the content is not subject to compensation; the company is by law not held responsible for responsibilities outside those indicated on the travel terms and conditions guide issued at the time of provision of our company’s travel agreement, as well as at the provision of each travel service.
  2. Our company is not held responsible in any way whatsoever for any damages received by the client from use of our website apart from those due to the negligence of our company.
  3. Our company is not responsible should inconvenience or loss in any way be caused to the client from the suspension of our website services due to maintenance, system failure or any other reason.

Client accountability

  1. At the time the website is used by the client, the client shall be held responsible for acts he himself instigates and all acts caused by his own e-mail account and their result, regardless of the conduct of the client himself or negligence, save those through the negligence of our company.
    Furthermore, should the client use our website and cause damage to a third party, the concerned parties share the responsibility to resolve the dispute.
  2. Should the client inflict damages to the company through any of the acts corresponding to the items below, we can claim compensation for all damages sustained from said user.1. For the use of the company’s website without the company’s permission outside its intended purpose.
    2. For the sending or writing of harmful computer programs.
    3. For the unauthorized access, invasion, alteration or destruction of the website.
    4. Other acts in violation of laws.

Other matters

  1. As a rule, communication of our company with the client shall be carried out by e-mail.
  2. Should a problem that cannot be resolved by these terms of use with regards to the use of our website arise, our company and the client shall discuss its resolution together in mutual good faith.
  3. Should any dispute arise between our company and the client regarding the use of our website, all laws of the nation of Japan shall be applicable.
  4. Should the need for legal action arise between our company and the client regarding the use of our website, the Nagoya District Court or the Nagoya Summary Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court.
    These regulations became effective on April 1, 2020.