Privacy Policy

To our clients

As a travel agency engaged in business in the travel industry, in accordance with the Travel Agency Law, KAORU CONCIERGE SERVICE (henceforth referred to as “our company”) complies with laws and other regulations concerning the protection of personal information of the clients who visit our offices, our company’s website, etc. In order to securely store and safeguard your private information, we have established the following policies, and hereby declare to implement and maintain them.

Regarding the use of private information

  1. In order to execute this declaration, our company has established “Regulations for the safeguarding of personal information”. We are continuously making improvements in the proper handling of the private information of our guests and business partners by our employees (including officers and regular employees, part-timers, interns, and temporary workers), and we are keeping all parties involved well-informed.
    The use of the client’s information is restricted to the smooth running of tours, and access is limited to the personnel involved in those tours.
  2. Our company uses the requested travel data from clients and the private information in the application form submitted at the time of application within reasonable parameters for the following:
    Arrangements for (1) the Signing of the travel contract with the client, (2) Communication with the client (3) the Transportation, accommodations, meal facilities, etc., and the personnel in charge (only when necessary) , and procedures for the receipt of these services.
    Other than these, among the personal information of the client recorded in the questionnaires for market analysis for the development of even better travel offers in the future, and in order to deliver travel information from our company, that person’s name, address, telephone number or email address, etc., which is the minimum necessary information when contacting the client, may be used for the following. Furthermore, this use may be halted at the request of the client.
    (1) The provision of privileged services (2) Information on goods and services (3) Information on campaigns, good and services of the company and partner groups that the client thinks may be useful (4) Creation of accounting data (5) For the convenient processing of the next trip application of the client

Regarding the handling of private information

  1. The client’s name, contact numbers, age and other vital information will be provided to the transportation, accommodations, meal facilities and the personnel in charge of the arrangements (only if necessary) for the arrangement of the trip that the client has applied for. Aside from these, we may make use of the client’s private information for market analysis for the development of even better travel offers in the future and to deliver travel information to the client.
  2. Our company, in order to guard against the loss, destruction, alteration and leakage of the client’s private information, has drafted a “security policy” and set up measures against unauthorized access, computer viruses and other suitable information security measures.
  3. Our company obtains private information through ways that are legal and above board, without of course resorting to any illegal means, we verify that the owner of the personal information agrees to its purpose of use and we announce important items on the website.
  4. Should the personal information be obtained indirectly, our company verifies that the provider properly obtained the private information from the holder, we uphold the stipulations of the contract, and announce the important items on the use of the personal information on the company website.
  5. Our company verifies if the clients themselves possess the right to the disclosure, amendment, halting of use, etc., of the personal information. We will answer these kinds of requests from the client within reason after verifying the identity of the client.
  6. Should the client’s personal information be entrusted to a third party for the purpose of outsourcing tasks, our company investigates the contractor concerned, establishes the necessary contract, and sets up other legal measures.
  7. Our company furnishes the pertinent data for police investigations related to any accidents occurring during the client’s trip, and may cooperate by presenting the private information at the request of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other government offices.
  8. The following items are prohibited for the gathering and handling of specific private information.
    (1) Providing private information to a third party for purposes other than the ones above is prohibited.
    (2) We do not use personal information for anything other than the intended use, we do not remove private information from its usual place of use, nor do we leak information by transmitting it to outside sources.
    (3) This company’s employees do not let any third party arbitrarily know the contents of personal information they learned while carrying out their duties, nor do they use it for improper purposes. In the same manner, we have established the necessary measures even after employees’ retirement from said duties.
    (4) We do not gather, use or provide information that contains the following.
    (4-1) Items revealing one’s thoughts, beliefs or religion.
    (4-2) Race, nation, lineage, permanent residence (excluding information regarding the client’s location in Japan). Physical or mental disorders, criminal record or other items that could cause social discrimination.
    (4-3) The laborers’ right to organize, collective bargaining, and other items concerning the movement of organizations.
    (4-4) Participation in mass demonstrations, the exercise of the right to petition and other exercises of political rights.
    (4-5) Items related to their healthcare and sexual activities.

Regarding disclosure, amendment, suspension of use and other procedures

Our company will assist with the necessary processes for those who wish to prevent disclosure of the client data our company is safekeeping, the amendment, addition or deletion of its content, or the suspension of its use, removal or provision to a third party. Please contact the below inquiry helpdesk for any such requests. At that time, the necessary measures will be taken in accordance with the law and this company’s bylaws without delay.

We can explain the reasons should your wishes completely or only partially not be complied with. Please understand that we may ask you to verify your identity prior to undertaking such measures.
Please direct your inquiries and complaints regarding the handling of private information to the helpdesk below.